ICTM Ethnochoreology Symposium Proceedings DVD

ICTM (International Council for the Study of Traditional Music)
Study Group on Ethnochoreology
Symposium Proceedings 1998–2008

compiled and edited by

Elsie Ivancich Dunin and Laszlo Felföldi

The International Council for the Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group on Ethnochoreology is the oldest established international organization devoted to the scholarly study of dance in the world. Since 1988 it has met every two years to discuss and publish papers on selected themes. Many of these proceedings have proved seminal to the study of dance and culture, yet often because of the variety of publishing houses and small print runs have become difficult to access beyond the confines of the Study Group.

Here for the first time is made available a collection of all ten symposia proceedings on one DVD. It is an essential acquisition for any university, research library or organization with an interest in dance, culture and the performing arts.

The Dance Event: A Complex Cultural Phenomenon (Copenhagen, 1988)
Studia Musicologica: Transmission and Diffusion in Dance Cultures; Dances with Implements (Budapest, 1990)
Dance and its Socio-Political Aspects; Dance and Costume (Nafplion, 1992)
Dance, Ritual and Music: Ritual and Ritual Dances in Contemporary Society; Dance and Music Relationships (Skierniewice, 1994)
Dance, Style, Youth, Identities: Children and Traditional Dancing; Dance and Style (Tet, 1996)
Dans Mzik Kltr: Traditional Dance and Its Historical Sources; Creative Processes in Dance: Improvisation and Competition (Istanbul, 1998)
Sword Dances and Related Calendrical Dance Events; Revival: Reconstruction, Revitalization (Korula, 2000)
Dance and Society: The Dancer as Cultural Performer; Re-appraising our Past, Moving into the Future: Research on Dance in Society (Szeged, 2002)
Invisible and Invisible Dance; Crossing Identity Boundaries (Monghidoro, 2004)
Transmitting Dance as Cultural Heritage; Dance and Religion (Kuala Lumpur, 2008)

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